Social media & Social action

This week, I would like to talk about the relationship between social media and our social action nowadays as the final blow of this module. Because the thing is that the social action we have done and the social media, we have used became a new business model. The software, such as iTunes, Facebook advertising and several apps are increasingly quantifying and measuring our social and every day. They help translate our social actions into computer language and execute computer language into social action in a kind.

For instance, The search-engine firm Google plays a vital role in making both news and TV content available to global audiences. On the other hand, Amazon codes customer’s taste preferences and buying behavior, and then Amazon displays advertising to people most likely to be interested in them. Also, the job finding websites, such as employment 4 students, make the connections between job seekers and employers. All the platforms like these translate these encoded social activities into computer language to steer user behavior. So the problem is that although we search the same keyword, the result can be different due to our past record online. We should think about whether these are real limitations or just ones we can get benefits.


How Content ID works?

Have you found there are many no sound or picture flip videos on YouTube? These mainly because they want to avoid the automatic YouTube Content ID monitoring. In order to protect copyright, YouTube created a strong weapon name Content ID. So, what is the Content ID? How Content ID works?

youtube.jpgYouTube Content ID includes two functions named VideoID and AudioID. Respectively, They have the feature comparison of video and audio whether it is the infringement or not. YouTube Contend ID uses Heat map to compare the video and audio. Therefore, if something which is not completely same to copyright copy, for example, people directly film the video by their phone, it can also be found and detected. These Copyright owners use Content ID to search and identify the content on YouTube very easily.

Content ID can compare copyright library with each uploading video at the same time 24 hours a day. As long as the copyright owner gives a copy of the file to YouTube, the copy will be included the copyright library, and then search for matching data. Copyright owners have four actions. Firstly, they can mute audio that matches the music or blocks the video from being viewed, and add some advantages to against it, tracking the viewership of the video to make the statistics

Online Visibility

Nowadays, due to the development of Internet and technology, most of us are using social networking website. Personally, I signed up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platform.

In my opinion, my online visibility is not much private as I wish. Because my personal data can be easily searched by using some simple technique in the search engine. To be honest, I tried to search myself on Google, and I found some photos and videos what I even have not seen before. Furthermore, because there is too much confusing information, I do not know the source of that information, who is the original publisher, and how can I change this situation by myself. Thus, Social media sites may create the safety problem about personal data by using the information user published; it seems to build up a powerful criminal offense database, some people can find the target of crime successfully. It does not need any complex computer technology; everyone has access to everything, continuous period to track certain user’s information on the social media. You may know his or her address, university, email address, family member, favorite things, financial situation and so on. On the other hand, some shopping website can be considered as the problem. I am not sure whether my personal data and payment information (Bank bard number, Pin number or online account) is completely under my control or not.

And once anything can be published or copied is brought into contact with The Internet, it will be copied on thousands of times, and those copies never leave.

Facebook Communities

With the development of social networking media,  Facebook plays the more important role in our social life. It is a very successful example of online community. Different people can interconnect each other by searching their own university, experience, the book they have read, their favourite music style and so on. For example, we have several closed groups for Westminster, Television Production students or the students who joined in the same academic project. Participate in these kind of online communities can benefit from   People can publish their own opinion, share the pictures and files, have the discussion in these groups to help spread the word. Without the Facebook communities, it is difficult to access the newest events for timely update of the development. Also, online communities helps the organizers to organize the members easier.

屏幕快照 2016-03-02 下午12.22.52.png

The online communities is not the culture, it should be a common property of everyone. Because culture is the existence of diversity, differences, and the essence of communities is “I want to be with you”. This is a natural human tendency and social attributes.  We need cooperation, sharing, compliance with contract, meet the obligations in the social life. So it is necessary to make the transition from self-realization to social property. In fact, the community is a functional object. If it is a good design, then it is going to be a tool that everyone can use, regardless of the mass or niche.

We Media

This week I would like to talk about the ‘WE MEDIA’. We Media refers to these private and independent communicators. They disseminate the information by using modern and electronic means. The information and content can be normative and non-normative. In general, media platforms include: blog, BBS and other network communities. The successful examples are like Facebook, Twitter and several social networking websites. Because in these cases, the audience can shape the process and the results of some social events. Users can become both publishers and audiences. It is easier to do interaction between providers and users and build the relationship between technologies and people.

First, We Media has the features, such as diversification and wider coverage. The users of We Media from several kinds of job,. To some extent, their comprehensive understanding of news events can be more specific, clearer, and more realistic,

On the other hand, the main body of We Media comes from the middle class and the bottom of society. Comparing with the professional reporter and traditional media industry, these amateur practitioners relatively reflects fewer utilitarian. Because they do not belong to any commercial cluster and media companies, also they do not have to receive the examination and verification system, their involvement has fewer positions and prejudices, their comments and analyzing of news and events can be more objective and fair.

The transformation of industry

With the World Wide Web, smartphones, tablet computers, smart televisions, and other digital devices, we are able to access media content that was once tied to specific new platforms. Media convergence means media channels becoming less separate as technology develops,which means convergence will reshape the way we think about interpersonal connection in the digital age.

屏幕快照 2016-02-16 上午10.03.08.png

Nowadays, because of the appearance of the Internet, the industrial logic of mass, reproduced cultural goods was uprooted. For example, in market of music, iTunes was the first attempts to sell downloads of songs as physical goods, also pricing them as products. We can download it like salable objects. The value of content’s materiality is relative, downloads are in turn regarded as more ” tangible ” than before. Also we have other online distributors, which, besides iTunes also included Google Music, and other smaller platforms, totally changed the scene of music production and distribution. On the other hand, the audience can access to any music and relative information at anywhere, the freedom

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Comparing with the physical stores, such as HMV. The traditional music  advertising is declining with the development of the new trends. Physical stores circulation is down while audience of online market are up. Meanwhile, the whole new media is growing.


Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading through TED website, TED can be the most popular talks website mainly because of its new forms of media and contents, covering almost all areas, science and technology, arts, culture, etc.,We can find the our subconscious favourite contents by TED. Each high-quality TED speeches are not just entry-level, also not obscure, it lets each audience who received the basic education can understandthe main contents at least.

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The next thing is the spread form of Ted. In addition to the free video resources on the official website and TED Global, there are thousands of TEDx organizations around the world as well.  We have the opportunity to feel “ideas worth spreading”Both online and offline, which is the main purpose of Ted. Although in third world countries, there are still many shortcomings of TEDx, TEDx really contributes dramatic power in order to popularize TED worldwide, TED can pop up with these passionate TEDx organizations are closely related. For efficiency and quality, within twenty minutes, the result of a long-term researching process of a person needs to be shown clearly and completely, Ted as a combination of television and new media not only is the own skills test for a speaker, but also brings audience the new form of information dissemination, which is more suitable for today’s network society. In fact, it is very difficult. It actually changes the traditional learning habit, also the way we get information and resources.