The importance of the network

Our today society is so focused on the network. Almost every aspect of our life depends on the internet. When we want to go somewhere, we checked online how to get there. When we want to chat with our friend we use Messenger or FaceTime. When we are looking for entertainment we watch Netflix or visit YouTube. Our generation cannot imagine life without the internet.

However, sometimes we do not realize how influential internet might be. Reading comments on the post with some news gives us someone’s justice, but not develop our own opinion. Social media platforms are places where you should be yourself, but mostly this is the place where people are trying to build their image.

Texting someone all the time does not give us the same feelings as meeting in real life. We are sitting all the time with our phone. Using smartphones became a way to avoid someone’s sight. Our communication skills getting worst and worst.

The network is an inseparable part of our life. However, when it comes to communication, sometimes we should try the face to face contact instead of Skype conversation.


Are YouTube copyrights strict?

Most of us think that YouTube is a website when you can post whatever you want and you can feel free. However, for those who only watches the videos might be surprising how YouTube copyrights restrictions are working.

When you want to upload the video with a music of yours favourite band, playing in the background, you might have trouble. In 2015, YouTube added controversial technology called Content ID which automatically scans videos for copyright content. So, when you want to add your video, just a moment after the video is uploaded, you get an information about the copyrights.

However, the Content ID is working also when you are doing live transmission. So don’t be surprised when in the middle of watching you will see a placeholder image because it will disappear when Content ID will
no longer detects for example music.

YouTube LogoThose kind of restrictions are unnecessary and might scare some of the new YouTubers. YouTube should stay an open space.

Public or private information?

Most of us are using social platforms to communicate with others. However, we rarely checked the privacy terms that are everywhere. When we signed up to any kind of social platform we give necessary information about us. But is my date of birth or address really a necessary thing?

In today’s world, our personal information is kind of currency which we have to pay for an access to platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Without that information, we will not be able to use those websites. The main issue is, what they are doing with our personal details, and why they actually need all of that information.

The platform when we can find the most information about somebody is for sure Facebook. We are able to find all personal data like address, email accounts, another social media platforms knowing only the name.

Moreover, it is not only the problem of social media platforms. The problem appears now everywhere online. To get an access you have to register which equals giving your personal information.

This semester made me realized how many times I didn’t check Terms and Conditions of the websites that I was using. My personal data is circle somewhere and I don’t even remember where I registered, so I cannot delete my accounts. I have no control.

Facebook Music communities

Everybody has their own favourite kind of music, and I am pretty sure that you are all a member of your favourite musician fan club and I am not talking about a website but about groups. Those groups are kind of communities just for the fans and you can find them on Twitter but mostly on Facebook where you have public and private groups.

What those groups are doing is not only reporting where the musicians are or what are they doing but most of all supporting each others work (inspired by music or artist) and preparing for concerts. You probably hear about fan clubs actions on gigs or festivals. The main idea appears in those groups. Then the community engages in making the action visible and spread it. However, it is challenging to make whole community engage. Sometimes the community is not solid, does not have many members.


Florence+The Machine in Lodz,  12.12.2015

Music is an important part of our lives and thanks to online communities we can share our thoughts or just read the thoughts of the others. And it is not only about being a fan of somebody, is about the feeling that you are in a community which accepts you because you enjoy the same.

Audience Participation- YouTube

Most of us have they favourite Youtuber that you watch over and over. There are a lot of  people who upload videos on YouTube to grab the attention and to have their own audience. But to became famous YouTuber you have to engage with the audience and be attractive to them.

First and the most popular thing which YouTubers do is Q&A in many different ways. The most popular are asking to write questions as a comment. However, YouTubers are people with imagination, so your favourite YouTuber might give you his phone number or ask you to write the question on the photo and send by Snapchat (yes, I saw that kind of Q&A).

All of the YouTubers who became famous did it thanks to their audience. My favourite example is YouTuber from my country, whose video has more than 150 million views. The video with his dog turned into a spider was shown in many countries. There is even a Wikipedia site just about that video (here) .

This example shows how audience participation and engagement can change someone’s life. Without audience participation, especially online, we would not have YouTubers, because what they do, is to please the audience.


Media Convergence- Skype

Media Convergence is an interaction between different media forms and platforms( Henry Jenkins 2006). It can be divided into five different forms of convergence: Technical, Economical, Social, Cultural and Global. Let me focus today on a very popular app which is Skype and its connection to those forms.

Skype is basically an application, which allows you to call, text and see each other with another skype user. It is available on your phones, laptops, iPods, tablets, so another words you can use it whenever you want. But there is one thing which makes Skype so popular. It is free. And for free you can call anybody thousands of miles away and sees them like they were sitting next to you. It helps you to communicate with your friends and family when you cannot do it personally.

Thinking about communication now and in the past, even 20 years ago, we are very lucky to leave in the times when we can communicate without almost any problems. Of course there are always some technical issues but we know it is a matter of time.

However, using apps like Skype caused problems for other communication brands like mobile phone companies. We should think about the impact which Skype might have on our future life.

BBC Radio 4 Morning Program

When I am thinking about resources which help me as a student, first thing which comes to my mind is BBC Radio 4-morning program. Every day at 6:00 am there is a radio program which touches difficult issues and current topics. The program takes about three hours because it gives many information and touch many different areas.

The reason why I think this radio program is a great source of information’s for a student is because as future Media workers we should always stay up-to-date and this radio program provides all information we should know. It is also straightforward so you know only thinks which are newsworthy. Moreover, you can hear what’s in the news of the day in press review and which newspaper is writing about a thing which is interesting for you.

Also, they say about issues which are taking place in parliament, so as a person who lives in England you should know, what are the current debates. What is more, there are always speaker guests, who are speaking about current affairs. It gives you an understanding of the topic and helps you as a student understand Media and checked it more deeply.

If you want to stay up-to-date, Morning program on BBC radio 4 is one of the best ways.