Online Security: Will it get worse?

Having looked at many aspects of the internet and the way in which social media operates, the area that captured my attention most, was online visibility.

I have developed a fascination with the ability to communicate with many, through the click of a button. However, one thing that we tend to forget about, is how everyone’s information gets ‘there.’ The social cloud is a perfect example of convergence and how we’ve adapted our ways of living in today’s society. It allows us to save or record information in order for us to return back to it a later date – without the use of a physical hard-drive. Although there are many pros to the social cloud, I think there are just as many cons to how visible we and our information is online. I believe that this has or will open up further debate on the safety of personal information (and its unintentional distribution) whether it will be a greater cause for concern; than it already is today.
Something I’ve always wanted to look at critically speaking, is the idea of copyright within online security, sounds strange I know… Hear me out! For example, YouTube has created a way in which it is now difficult to play a musicians music without permission or clear reference to the musician in question. However, I don’t get paid residuals for someone using my personal information; that includes addresses, emails and pictures. E.g. Sending me junk mail! Even the fact that my elector roll details are online, I don’t like it and I don’t think I ever will. My information, my choice! Whose with me?

kany approves




Netflix is a prime example of content that has restricted access online, unless you pay or that is under strict copyright restrictions – If you don’t know what the picture is all about, I can’t help you! *Sigh*

Netflix & ChillThe purpose of a Creative Commons license is to freely distribute, but yet give recognition to the author(s). However, if Netflix were to share with fewer restrictions this would offer many opportunities for people to take advantage of this freedom and potentially pass Netflix off as their own by creating something similar, in turn making money from someone else’s ideas.

Let’s take the food chain KKFC BucketFC, for example. We’ve all tasted the chicken, the recipe still stands, 86 years later and no other company can contest with their quality. Or can they? There are many PFC’s, Favourites’ and Sam’s and more up and down the country (England, UK). These chains have simply copied the framework of what KFC offers and simply passes it off as their own.
Wikipedia is currently under a Creative CoWikipediammons license, if they were under strict copyright control, they would be completely inoperable. They function solely from user input with over 70,000 active contributors working on more than 38,000,000 articles in 290 languages.



I know for a fact, that if I was to enter your full real name onto the website, I could instantly tell you where it is you live or have lived, your mother and fathers names including their ages, whether you have any siblings, if you do their names and ages, as well as a timeline of your addresses.

Google HomepageThe ability to locate personal information today is so easy that its second nature to us. We don’t think about it! This is one of the reasons I decided to use an alias when signing up to social networks or any other information required websites. However, when typing my alias into the search engine google, my information and pictures from many many years ago (ok, its not that many!) where smack dead centre of the screen. I am extremely visible! There is information on me from what it is I like to do every evening, to what I like to watch, to what Church I used to attend… SCARY!

With certain accounts, such as Facebook, I’ve opted to switch on security, meaning only those I am closest to get the ‘privilege’ of viewing my information. The reason I did this was because I didn’t want to be seen as unprofessional. In the media industry many social media accounts are seen as public CV’s and therefore, enforces you to ‘behave’ and will potentially prevent me from not getting offered employment.

I doubt any of the information that I stored remains under my control. For example, once you upload a personal picture to Instagram it’s no longer yours, it becomes Instagram’s.


Periscope as many other online communities are extremely addictive. When I say addictive, I mean responding to ‘that noise’ that lets you know someone’s gone live.

PERISCOPE – An apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.

For all those that didn’t know the standard definition look above!
Periscope, the online community has a similar formula. This app created by Twitter, allows a user to stream live and communicate to a number of users across the globe with the option of Tweeting out a link to their Live Stream. Also being able to choose whether or not to make their video public or viewable to certain users.

PERISCOPE SLOGAN – “Explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes.”

Periscope like the rest of these on
line platforms, benefit its users in many ways. Allowing the user to gain personal confidence – The user doesn’t know who will next jump into their live stream, everyone is unfamiliar with one another until someone begins a conversation.Periscope can also benefit business wise. I remember (this was literally like 3 mins ago,) watching a live stream from a radio station in Kingston Jamaica. The presenter switched on and got over 100 views! A brand new audience, just from Periscope alone!

One challenge which was inevitable is copyright. A perfect example – Anyone could go to the cinema and switch on a live stream, giving viewing access to the entire world. This is something I believe the company have been paying attention to for some time now seen as the service needs better tools and policies to deal with copyrighted content. A limitation that I found quite strange was the f
act that if a user has over 1k viewers, only those that joined up until that mark are able to communicate with the live streamer. I think this is slightly unfair, especially seen as not everyone works within the same time zone. One person
may receive ‘that noise’ that lets you know someone has gone live long before I do, I mean they do.Periscope


SBTv is one of the most renowned YouTube sensations of this era. Created in 2006 by Jamal Edwards – A teen, passionate about locating the next best grime artist whilst using a handy cam that his mother bought him for Christmas. Edwards capitalised on the fact that many who also enjoyed the Grime music genre wished for a platform that showcased the freshest artists and hottest music on the scene.

SBTVIts actually quite funny if we look at YouTube, pre-SBTv. There were less videos of new and up and coming artists. Yes, YouTube had only began a year earlier, but did SBTv set the trend for showcasing talent in such a way?

In my opinion, it did. Although there were videos of this nature prior to SBTv, Edwards capitalised on this concept which I think has made it more prominent today. Also, the channel is user generated – meaning, Edwards looks to his audience as to what or who he chooses to endorse.

The content has been shaped significantly by the audience, which is extremely visible in the viewership. The main purpose of SBTv is to provide its audience with what they want to hear and what they want see –YouTube Logo  new and rising artists. The audience have participated in its creation, through not only its content, but also the platform. YouTube was created in 2005, with the intention of users having the ability of sharing their videos, so this alone is user generated.

SBTv has been around for just over ten years now, and has intentionally been made for ‘the people.’ In many instances,  a show such as this would have transitioned from the internet to Television with hopes of it going global. However, because the internet has become the primary source for todays audience – on a world wide scale, yes there really any point. Created purposely for its audience to control, it would defeat its purpose if it ever moved soely to another medium.
Without audience participation, this show would never have become as successful as it is today.

The Mobile Phone

It’s clear that the mobile phone is one of the prime examples of convergence. It has developed drastically over a short period of time. I almost feel as though my generation have been the guinea pigs through it all!

The mobile phone has been extremely beneficial to todays generation but was once just a simple tool to call or text someone, usually on a landline, (haven’t heard that word in a while!) The landline was definitely a hinderance, especially to my parents. I ran up the phone bill to crazy heights, only talking to a friend who lived a couple of doors down from me – whoops! – I digress…

British Telephone Box

The Evolution of the mobile phone

The Nokia 5110 was a major turning point in my lifetime, but if we move down the timeline,  (The Evolution of The Mobile Phone) we had the new and improved Sony Ericssons which catered specifically for listening to music. A bit more further down the line, we began to gain more and more access to the internet with phones such as the Blackberry and other ones that were business like.

The implications for users and audiences has meant that the mobile phone has slowly made us unconsciously turn to relationships through the screen of our mobile phones, whether its through various communication apps e.g. WhatsApp, through online or app access to emails or through playing multiplayer games with unknown users half way across the globe.

The media industry has for sure taken a blow financially causing companies to re-stragise the way in which they advertise and approach there customer. Everything is gradually becoming digitalised, which is why many companies are turning to the internet and app making industry i.e the mobile phone, to make a profit.

Attempted Assassination

Thankfully, there were no injured parties at this Brazen Assassination Attack on a Politician Caught on Tape. The fact that the attempt was made in assassinating a very influential member of a political party member in Bulgaria,which we, the public were able to see, just moments after it happened, was a phenomenon on its own accord – in my opinion.

Heart stopping moment when would-be assassin aims gun at Bulgarian opposition leader’s head and pulls the trigger… but victim survives after weapon misfires

Bulgarian gas pistol attack ‘was stunt’

Ahmed Dogan attacked by armed assailant in Bulgaria

Just a few variations of what different outlets had to say, and prime examples to students studying this module of how every outlet today, has its own way of defining a news story. Every outlet may not be exactly the same and not every outlet will be true, but these examples identify how simple it is to be drawn into the opinion of what each news corporation tries to project.

To also access information today, has become way to simple, once again in my opinion. Some might call it useful and some might call it an obstructive tool. Useful because of the direct connection between the producer and consumer – helping information to reach the individual directly without having to consult a middleman e.g. TV series, then advert etc. The internet gives us the pleasure of pop-up windows. Some may call the internet an obstruction because of the information we read; we are force fed ideas simply across various platforms.