Privacy and Freedom of Speech

This quote changed the way I think about privacy. I always considered the surveillance to be a good thing because it protects people from those who want to do harm. And, in fact, why would I mind being watched, if I do not have anything to hide.

However, even though majority of people might never face negative consequences of the constant surveillance we are under, it does not mean that there are not any.

As with a freedom of speech, privacy is required the most in times of instability and dissatisfaction with the way things work in society. Imagine no freedom of speech during the Martin Luther King’s time. Imagine an activist fighting against a corrupted government and that government being able to find out his private information and even location from CCTV or online accounts in social networks.

Privacy appears to be one of the things that guarantee our democracy and, for the matter of fact, a freedom of speech. Surveillance serves a good purpose in society enhancing our security, but we need to be careful of what we share online and how much freedom we give the government and those in power to watch us.


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  1. This quote changed the way I think about surveillance, too. I used to just think that because I didn’t have anything to hide it didn’t effect me. But, when the facts are presented about the way that the government and media conglomerates are using their surveillance as a marketing strategy really drives home the ideas of our consumer society. It makes me question the usefulness of surveillance.


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