What You Reveal About Yourself Online, Without Even Realizing

One thing that I believe is very important for others to take away from this module is that you reveal so much about yourself and your personality to others, without even realizing.  I found this article by the Huffington post that accurately depicts what I mean:


One thing that stood out to me in it was the conversation between a man and woman about the status of the woman’s love life. The man was able to tell instantly her relationship status purely by the wording of her posts.

Even the smallest details of your social media can tell something about you. For example, somebody who posts pictures on Instagram mostly of themselves, or of themselves with others, is someone looking for recognition and belonging. Someone who posts mostly pictures of scenery and other things means they don’t care much what others think, and don’t need everyone to always know what they are doing. The frequency of posts also says something similar about you.

Wording of posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook are also important. If you swear a lot and write rude comments frequently, people will not want to interact with you, and future employers will think of you poorly.

Social media is not by any means a 100% accurate depiction of a person, but everyone should consider how they come across by simply thinking of how they would see their own account from another’s point of view.



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  1. My post was very similar to yours. I really agree, it’s strange to think that even the data about the frequency we use a social media site can be used to determine something about us. It made me realise that it really does in a way take away some of the freedom we have over our own information. Almost every link we click is recorded and saved used to determine our own personal experience on the internet, which I think in a way is a good thing. But, when it’s used as a tool to market products to us I think of it a little more unfavourably.


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