The power of the “audience”

One of the most fascinating subjects for me is the power we have as users of the Internet. We already discussed in previous posts how much audience participation influences web content and thus, society. Now, I’d like to go deeper into the subject and discuss the impact of crowdfunding web pages.

As you probably know or guess, crowdfunding websites provide users with the option to create a fundraising page for a certain cause or idea. Then other users are able to fund this idea and share it online. One touching example of how these pages change lives is the recent case of the homeless person Mark. On March 4, the 21-year old Nicole missed the last train home at 3am and Mark helped her go home safely. Out of gratitude, Nicole set up a crowding page for Mark with a goal of £8000. Today, the page has raised £13,143 for the wellbeing of this noble man.

Crowdfunding is also used for start-up businesses, innovative ideas and even charity work. It provides the incredible possibility to pitch the masses to support your creation. With a good idea and engaging story to tell, you can persuade the audience into participating and bringing the idea to life.


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