The positives of a networked society

In this module we have looked at how people are connected to the internet in many aspects of their lives. A lot of people are skeptical about whether the growing reliance on technology and the internet is actually a good thing or not. They claim that we are too reliant on technology to do basic tasks and that the networked society is making us less sociable. I would argue against this.

It’s not true that before the emergence of the internet and smartphones people were much more sociable. You’ll often here people say that millennials should put their phones down and talk to someone on the train, like in the good old days! wkhhpz1

Having access to unbelievable amounts of information on a mobile phone through the magic of wifi and mobile data is an incredible luxury and people need to take full advantage of it. There is a stigma attached to making friends on Twitter/Tumblr but it’s often those friends with whom people form the most genuine connections through a common interest. Social media gives people a platform to share thoughts they might not want to in a face to face conversation. There are flaws, but living in a networked society is predominantly positive.


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  1. You have a very clear argument here, with many elements that I can’t help but agree with. Many people constantly slate the constant use of the internet in our everyday lives. The mobile phone is an incredible device that I’m sure many of us would struggle to live without, purely because of how integrated it is into today’s society. It allows to complete everyday tasks almost everywhere. This could effectively mean that by doing the weekly shop whilst on the daily commute gives us more time to spend socialising with the family.

    However, there’s a clear counter argument to this and I believe that the mobile phone can clearly take over our lives. There’s times where I’m just scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, knowing that I’ve already seen what I’m taking time out of my day to look out. There’s many examples circulating social media of parents cancelling out interaction with their child because they’re using their mobile. I saw one on my Facebook news feed that read like this:

    “Sitting next to a young lad on the train desperate for his Dad to interact with him. But he won’t as he’s got an iPhone to look at.”

    This shows just how powerful the mobile phone is, and as useful as it can be – there’s always time to put it down.


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