The importance of the network

Our today society is so focused on the network. Almost every aspect of our life depends on the internet. When we want to go somewhere, we checked online how to get there. When we want to chat with our friend we use Messenger or FaceTime. When we are looking for entertainment we watch Netflix or visit YouTube. Our generation cannot imagine life without the internet.

However, sometimes we do not realize how influential internet might be. Reading comments on the post with some news gives us someone’s justice, but not develop our own opinion. Social media platforms are places where you should be yourself, but mostly this is the place where people are trying to build their image.

Texting someone all the time does not give us the same feelings as meeting in real life. We are sitting all the time with our phone. Using smartphones became a way to avoid someone’s sight. Our communication skills getting worst and worst.

The network is an inseparable part of our life. However, when it comes to communication, sometimes we should try the face to face contact instead of Skype conversation.



  1. Networking has become more important than anything in todays society. Sometimes we may not necessarily comment because we want to but because we see others who we know commenting, we are drawn to say something even though we may not know enough about of the subject. The way the network is structured its almost as if you have to say something even if you do not feel as though it is necessary.


  2. I do agree that networking does take away from the personal aspect of communicating however, what do we do when we wish to communicate with a loved one abroad?

    I think there are definitely pros and cons when it comes to the internet. I was an 80’s baby, so I had the pleasure of sharing intimate communicative moments with family and friends and fun times didn’t consist of taking selfies all day. However, if we are not careful we may fall into a robotic society whereby everything is communicated via some for of technology.

    Demolition Man is the 1st thing that comes to mind!


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