#YesAllWomen #HeForShe #BringBackOurGirls #OccupyCentral #Ferguson

#EverydaySexism #FreeTheNipple #Kony2012 #BlackLivesMatter #HandsUpDontShoot

Social medias involvement towards more (allegedly) powerful and widespread social movement was an idea that struck as most thought provoking to me during the course of Network Society and the Media. We have engaged in discussion about our involvement with social media as young adults and students, our online availability growing up in a generation of digital environments and communities, and how we utilise these platforms for our own agendas. These ideas all come together to suggest the importance of creating a movement in our day and age, contesting against or for political ideas and issues to be addressed to our government.

Are we genuinely passionate about these issues? Do we involve ourselves in these political protests online because it’s just easier, safer and more so selective participation on our parts? Online we are very persuadable, mediated content can engage us and educate us in issues we have never considered to be a problem before, it’s in these short bursts of persuasion that we sign up, enter in our e-mail addresses and add our names to the strong lists of people protesting. SeaWorld, Kony, Black Lives Matter, I can guarantee that our involvement in these huge social movements was predominantly online – questioning why? It is a concern that we are not educating ourselves enough on topics before we involve ourselves in them.

Social media is not a bad thing. Online platforms can engage more people all over the world, but if we were truly passionate about an issue, would we be taking part in peaceful stands or violent street-feuds and displaying our physical presence, instead of shying away behind our keyboards?


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