Social media & Social action

This week, I would like to talk about the relationship between social media and our social action nowadays as the final blow of this module. Because the thing is that the social action we have done and the social media, we have used became a new business model. The software, such as iTunes, Facebook advertising and several apps are increasingly quantifying and measuring our social and every day. They help translate our social actions into computer language and execute computer language into social action in a kind.

For instance, The search-engine firm Google plays a vital role in making both news and TV content available to global audiences. On the other hand, Amazon codes customer’s taste preferences and buying behavior, and then Amazon displays advertising to people most likely to be interested in them. Also, the job finding websites, such as employment 4 students, make the connections between job seekers and employers. All the platforms like these translate these encoded social activities into computer language to steer user behavior. So the problem is that although we search the same keyword, the result can be different due to our past record online. We should think about whether these are real limitations or just ones we can get benefits.


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  1. Your statement about same searches leading to different results is an interesting point. i feel people are unaware of the how companies try to tailor every aspect online to your pervious activity and therefore believe most things they search is as realistic as possible. this could cause implication for a person trying to create their personality as well as the resources they choose to believe in.

    Studies show that constant exposure to a source can led to the individuals eventually liking the source. Therefore these companies tailor the result to ensure users have constant exposure and eventually like it, buy or believe in what is on the website. Alternately choosing a person personality without them knowing.


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