Privacy is Important

’Surveillance helps to constitute the world as a modern’ (Lyon, 2003:161) and over this module, there has been a lot mentioned about privacy and the fact we don’t have much of it anymore. This especially applies to the use of social media. The fact that when we post something, it is shared with the world and even if we delete it, there will still be access to the post somehow.

The Panopticon theory shares the idea that we are constantly being watched.


Linking this to privacy online it is interesting to know that we are constantly being watched online. On social media and our internet history, it can be accessed by authorities if they want to and have a good reason to, without the user knowing.

I think the concept of having online privacy (mainly focusing on social media) is unusual. Why would you want to be private online on social media if the whole idea of social media is to share thoughts and things that happen in our lives that are interesting?

Privacy is the right to be left alone and this should apply online to some extent. Most of the world are constantly online and belong to some platform on social media, so they should be educated on the laws regarding privacy and know that they can be ‘watched online’.


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  1. Panopticon is an interesting concept. The idea is that the guard can watch everyone, but no one knows if they are being watched. The deduction is that everyone behaves as if they are being watched. But how does this apply to our behaviour on social media? One interpetation is that we share specific information in order to appear a certain way in front of whoever is watching. It is no secret we are being watched, and once we put any information online, we no longer have full control of it. Yet, we deliberately provide it to all of our 500 Facebook friends.


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