Online Security: Will it get worse?

Having looked at many aspects of the internet and the way in which social media operates, the area that captured my attention most, was online visibility.

I have developed a fascination with the ability to communicate with many, through the click of a button. However, one thing that we tend to forget about, is how everyone’s information gets ‘there.’ The social cloud is a perfect example of convergence and how we’ve adapted our ways of living in today’s society. It allows us to save or record information in order for us to return back to it a later date – without the use of a physical hard-drive. Although there are many pros to the social cloud, I think there are just as many cons to how visible we and our information is online. I believe that this has or will open up further debate on the safety of personal information (and its unintentional distribution) whether it will be a greater cause for concern; than it already is today.
Something I’ve always wanted to look at critically speaking, is the idea of copyright within online security, sounds strange I know… Hear me out! For example, YouTube has created a way in which it is now difficult to play a musicians music without permission or clear reference to the musician in question. However, I don’t get paid residuals for someone using my personal information; that includes addresses, emails and pictures. E.g. Sending me junk mail! Even the fact that my elector roll details are online, I don’t like it and I don’t think I ever will. My information, my choice! Whose with me?

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  1. I completely agree with you that when we put our information into a social network we never properly think into the fact that this network is harvesting our information and storing it, similar to a hard drive. It’s scary thought to think everything you wrote a status about or every photo you’ve shared throughout your whole online life is stored somewhere. I love your idea of copyrighting your information, I can’t stand junk mail and being completely honest it still shocks me when I receive emails from sites I merely clicked on without giving them any of my information including me email. This really stand out to me that my information is sold for advertisement and I’m getting nothing from this sale. If it was possible to copy right our personal information I wouldn’t feel so frustrated over it being used. But sadly we do trade in our privacy and information in exchange for an online social life

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  2. Online security is a huge issue because people are cleaver enough to hack into almost anything. I don’t like how everything I’ve ever posted will be available, even if I delete it, however hopefully one day there will be very powerful online security that will stop hackers and cyber criminals. I recently read that a senior police officer said victims of cyber crime (specifically online fraud) should not be refunded because they should have stronger online security! Who would have know victims would have started getting the blame for this?!

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