How truthful is your profile?

The internet has took over our generation, allowing society to become more mediated, due to ongoing development, for instance more than a billion people use social media today. For my finale blog post I would like to speak about how social media allows us to have an ‘online identity’, also known as internet identity and therefore can be considered as an actively constructed presentation of oneself.

So first of all how many selfies do you take before you get the ‘right’ one? What is inspiring you when writing a new status for Facebook or tweet for Twitter? We as users of our social media sites choose what and when we want to post, as well as what we want to keep private and want to share. Our online identity through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is almost a ‘better version’ of ourselves due to us selecting what we want people to know and see.

Are we the same person as we portray our self online? For instance we almost use social media to escape from our real life, to our virtual life. However social media can also cause many problems, due a status or photo that has been shared is waiting for an opinion, even if its a like or a comment, we are waiting to be judged by our ‘virtual’ friends.

I would like to finish with the questions – how truthful is your profile? Are you guilty of portraying your self in a better light on social media compared to what you do in real life?



  1. I agree with your statement about us wanting to be judged and feel it gives us a social status. We now measure popularity through the amount of friend we have online and the amount of like we get on each post. Consequently causing us to construct our online versions in detail.

    I feel my profile is truthful to a certain extent. Like many others I do take millions of selfies to end up only liking one, but the ones i choose to upload are the most relevant to my personality and likes. No one will ever fully portray a real image of themselves online as we only post pictures which express us as happy. however, this is similar to real life. We only show people who are close to us all parts of our personality and even then we prefer to express ourselves as positive.


  2. When asked personally if I create a dual personality online my first response would be no, but me and everyone else does it without even thinking about it. You’re completely right that I take about 10 selfies that look exactly the same before I chose which one to upload and this is before editing the photo of course. My Instagram page is filled with photos of my friends and from judging me on that account alone you would think that I am out every night and am a complete socialite. My Twitter account would however leave you with the compete opposite approach because really I use Twitter just to moan. Social media has become such a strong part of our every day lives now we make these identities of ourselves without even being conscious we are doing it. You can use social media to be whatever version of yourself you want to be and even in extreme versions like catfishing you can be someone you’re not. Social media gives us this power and whilst it’s nice to be able to chose what photo of you looks the best online and what version of yourself you want to put across it is a real representation of you ?


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