Facebook strategy

In 2016 Facebook replaced usual Like button with Reactions. The like button is the engine of Facebook and its most recognized symbol. Changing the button is like Coca-Cola messing with its secret recipe. Why to risk?

In 2014 Facebook held a secrete experiment in which it manipulated information posted on 689,000 users’ home pages and fount it could make people feel more positive or negative.

The results revealed that emotions expressed by others on Facebook can also influence our own emotions.

I believe that if Facebook can mess with users’ home pages, it can also use users for the research purposes and people will not even know about this. We pressed ‘Like’, but we did not emphasize if we do it because we like the content, if we are upset about something, or if we are excited. Now it has changed and we can be categorized. People are using Reactions and they feel that they can express themselves more clearly, while in reality for some people it can be seen as a perfect source for exploring and manipulating our emotions. We show and give Facebook our values for free without thinking, but for them it is the most precious data they can ever get. In my opinion, Facebook will take advantage of this data, because a decision to replace the most recognized symbol of the company is quite serious.

In my opinion, Like button replacement is not a coincidence, it is a very well-played game with our minds. What do you think about Reactions?

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