A way to control

Throughout this module we have discussed how technology has led to the decrease in social interaction. Suggesting online communication does not satisfy our social needs and instead makes us feel alone despite having many virtual friends. However, i feel this concept is plausible as we are not loosing social interaction but instead are able to control how we interact.

This is clearly shown through the rapid increase in the use of online dating sites. Many are set up with similar formats to social media sites allowing users to have pictures, put in their interests and decide who they want to have a date with. This freedom of choice allows user to create an ideal version of themselves which I assume can led to disappointment, as the expectation from the online version of ourselves can not always live up to the reality.

So why do it ?


Social media allows us to control many aspects of our lives through easy access to large quantities of information and ability to choose on social networking sites. Therefore, online dating is another way we can control aspects of our lives. This control altenematly expresses the freedom which comes with a network society and encourages our excessive use. But do you think we have the control or is our excessive use an addiction?




  1. I feel that we do have control to a certain extent as we are not told to sign up to social networking sites. However I do feel like there is a slight peer pressure when it comes to social networking, as I believe some people think that they need to be involved in the whole ‘online community’ or else people may label them as ‘un-sociable’.


  2. I agree with what you are saying. I never though that social networks make us less sociable, they are simply another way of communication. The same way mail or phone made it easier and faster to talk to people and keep in touch. Additionally, I think social networks resemble real-life interaction more and more, especially with emoticons that help express emotions and facial expressions. You also say that people can be tempted to create an ideal version of themsleves by choosing what to share with other people. But it is the same in real life, isn’t?


  3. I think that we do have a lot of control, especially with social media. However I feel that we have the need to be on popular social media sites because ‘everyone else’ is. So we want to be a part of the online communities and get involved with what happens online and what people talk about.


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