All In One

Living in contemporary society has meant that I have become very apt with new technology being released and grown to be quite technologically savvy.  The constant convergence of new and old media that is frequently happening today is the thing that interests me.

More and more people are coming up with creative ideas of merging two types of media. Whether that be social media and video gaming or television and handheld technology. The constant wave of converged media is more popular than ever now.

With most people I know owning a smart phone they are all buying into this converged media that we all live in. The iPhone, for example, is able to do practically anything, it can take the old media of T.V, film and video gaming and compress it down into one device, all available whenever you want it.

It has also now been able to replace your bank card when paying for things, your Sat-Nav when driving somewhere new and your MP3 player when listening to music. Smart phones have and still are taking over the world with their popularity and complicated technology.

This interests me mostly as before I just took my smart phone for granted, thinking that it was 2016 of course my phone can play films, but after studying and learning abut converging media and our medias convergence culture, it brought to my attention how drastically things have changed in the sphere of technology and smart-phones. With more technology rapidly being innovated, I, for one, am excited to see how far our technological advancements take us.

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