What if all the books were under a СС licence?

The internet may seem to be the source of any information that one possibly might want to learn. However, even in our digital age, printed or online books are the main source of professional knowledge.

Consider the world, where all the books exist under a Creative Commons license. As an advantage, we would be able to learn anything for free. Potentially, this would increase the amount of educated people in the world, help the employability and elevate the level of life.

If universities had all their learning materials under a CC licence and available to the public, we could achieve greater equality between social classes. In this case, everyone would have the equal access to education, since now not everyone can afford to pay expensive tuition fees.

However, this image may be too idealistic. The Internet provides a fair share of information, sources to learn various skills and gain professional knowledge (free online courses, for example). Nevertheless, many people go online only for entertainment. The availability of knowledge does not necessarily mean people will make use of it.

I believe that the society found a fair compromise between having strict regulations and providing the population with fair access to knowledge. There are multiple free sources of educational materials, as well as tuition loans to help the population with fees and scholarships for talented people and those who are willing to go extra mile to receive an education.


  1. Is this really a fair share? According to Boyle (2008) about 95% of books written in the twentieth-century are commercially unavailable, but they are still copyrighted. This means that we actually have free access to just 5% of twentieth-century work. Moreover, the majority of this work is “orphan” – it has no identifiable copyright holder and it is not accessible even someone is willing to pay to use it. I don’t think this is fair.


  2. I think you are right saying that most of us is looking for entertainment when we goes online. In fact, many books are available as an online resource or audiobook. However, this is an only small percentage of all books. Personally, I prefer paper form but mostly I read books online.


  3. If all books were under the CC licence, we would have access to lots of information and education for free, but that may be overwhelming as then we would have so much out there it would be difficult what to know to look at next. There would almost be too many options of information to look at.

    I agree that there is a fair compromise between strict regulations and access.


  4. I agree with yourv idea. However, I think if the CC licence can provide all the books and sources, this must be a very strict management system to protect the copyright. We are going to have rich academic knowledge and information.


  5. I agree that if all books were under a CC licence then effectively, the world would be more educated. However, how many of the texts would’ve been written with the knowledge that they’d be available for free? I think the system is fair, we have access to so many books and without copyright, they’d be much less available anyway.


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