Spotify is doing it right

Spotify is a music listening site. It allows users to listen to their favourite songs, create playlists and share these with their friends. The concept is a lot like Apple’s ping which was released in 2010 but the restrictions on this website meant that it never took off.

Spotify gives the user two options when it comes to usage. Listen to all your music free, but, endure the regular adverts that pop up between your songs which Spotify are making money off. Or, pay the subscription fee of £9.99 a month. Allowing you, unlimited music, offline and online, high quality audio and the money-maker, no adverts.

In the music industry nowadays, artists do not make as much as they could on their song. We all are guilty of streaming and downloading albums that just came out from the internet. Spotify has opened a new platform to listen to new and old music whilst crediting the artist and making money for them and making money for Spotify.

This way of working around copyright and other restriction is perfect. The platform which allows you to listen to all of your music, for free (if you so desire) but whilst still making money for the artist and not infringing any copyright laws, now that’s a well thought out platformopen-graph-default.png.



  1. I do like Spotify and have an account with them. I agree that it is a way to deter streaming music illegally. I do, however think it should definitely be up to each artist whether or not their music should be shared on the site. Taylor Swift got a lot of backlash for not allowing Spotify to share her music, because she was only being paid $0.008 per song. In reality, song artists are like businessmen/women, and I think she was making a smart business move. Even though it may seem selfish, it is her music and her original work that she created herself. It is totally up to her what she does with it.


  2. It is true that artists do not make as much as they could for their work. However, when it comes to Spotify we should think more carefully if they really promoting artists, or are we paying for a music without adverts. Basically, you are paying £9.99 a month for no adverts because you can listen to music for free. So, are they really making money for the artists or for themselves?


  3. I do agree that Spotifys structure of a monthly fee with unlimited music is a lot more appealing then buying song by song. It encourages people to pay for their music instead of downloading it illegally. Now I’m a student I’ve had to give up my paid Spotify account however by advertising Spotify is still making money for the music industry, an industry that has been in danger for a while because of copyright. Spotify in my opinion has made listening to music cheap and easy for its audience as well preventing people choosing to listen to music illegally therefore saving the music industry.


  4. Spotify has been given a lot of negative attention in recent times. However, I believe you have some valid points in the fact that Spotify offers a very good platform that allows us to legally listen to music whenever we like. Even though, like Jess said, that artists should have the choice regarding the availability of their work on the platform, I believe that we’re at the start of a ‘streaming revolution’, and soon, artists will have no choice but to stream their music if they wish to be successful.


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