Shopping for the sound?

When the word ‘copyright’ is mentioned, the first thing that always springs into mind is music. We live in a creative society, with content being created on a day-to-day basis – sometimes free, sometimes paid. Music surrounds us, and there may be many times where we’re completely unaware if the source of our listening habits is legal.

PRS is an society that licences organisations to play, perform or make copyright music available to the public, making sure that the creator is credited fairly with the correct royalties. The organisation deal with the majority of music that you hear in a public place.

Every business that plays copyrighted music must pay for the licence, because effectively, they’re benefiting from playing that music. The licence depends on the type of business, the bigger the shop premises, the higher the licence fee – I’d assume this is the case due to the number of consumers.

But, is it right that businesses have to pay to play music? Of course, this is purely a matter of opinion and the creator of the music may have a completely different opinion to the consumer. Copyright is effectively put in place to ensure creators reap the full rewards for their work. Hence, YouTube taking down videos that contain copyrighted music. However, no one goes to a shop to listen to music. If anything, the business may promote the music resulting in more sales for the artist…



  1. The music industry has always suffered from consumers downloading content illegally and not paying for the musicians work. Even though copyright is protecting the interest of the artist or the producer of a certain product; the fact that we live in a technological age means that there will always be some way of getting round the law.


  2. Nowadays we have so many copyright laws to protect the profit of invisible products like music. But people can find the new ways to download it illegally, I think this also helps the relative development of law system.


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