Prime example of Paid Access

Amazon Prime is only fully available to members who pay for it (£79 per year for most people). Although members can access the Amazon website for free, people can pay and get a few extra benefits.

A few of these extras include unlimited next day delivery on almost all items sold on Amazon. It also allows the members to use Prime Video, Prime Music and access to e-books with no extra cost. There is also the offer for students – to get Amazon Prime for a cheaper fee.

If Amazon Prime was available under the Creative Commons Licence, then regular users would not have an advantage over customers who do not use Amazon as much. The movies, music and books would also be more available, which means customers would not see the use of paying to view or listen to the content. It would also not be the aim of what Amazon have with Prime. They aim to make a profit out of it, which means going under the CC licence would not enable them to make a profit, only by having adverts, which would then mean consumers would not use Amazon Prime.

Disadvantages of having stricter accessibility on Amazon Prime than Netflix, for example, is that people may (if they haven’t already) find a way to view the content without paying the fee which would obviously involve breaking the law.


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