How Content ID works?

Have you found there are many no sound or picture flip videos on YouTube? These mainly because they want to avoid the automatic YouTube Content ID monitoring. In order to protect copyright, YouTube created a strong weapon name Content ID. So, what is the Content ID? How Content ID works?

youtube.jpgYouTube Content ID includes two functions named VideoID and AudioID. Respectively, They have the feature comparison of video and audio whether it is the infringement or not. YouTube Contend ID uses Heat map to compare the video and audio. Therefore, if something which is not completely same to copyright copy, for example, people directly film the video by their phone, it can also be found and detected. These Copyright owners use Content ID to search and identify the content on YouTube very easily.

Content ID can compare copyright library with each uploading video at the same time 24 hours a day. As long as the copyright owner gives a copy of the file to YouTube, the copy will be included the copyright library, and then search for matching data. Copyright owners have four actions. Firstly, they can mute audio that matches the music or blocks the video from being viewed, and add some advantages to against it, tracking the viewership of the video to make the statistics


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  1. I had no idea that YouTube had such an advanced system for detecting copyright infringement. I do wonder how YouTube deals with this because there are, or at least were, many fan made music videos on YouTube that used an artist’s entire song. I’m wondering if they still allow the use of copyrighted music if the video’s uploader says explicitly in the details of the video that they do not own the rights to the music they used.


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