Are YouTube copyrights strict?

Most of us think that YouTube is a website when you can post whatever you want and you can feel free. However, for those who only watches the videos might be surprising how YouTube copyrights restrictions are working.

When you want to upload the video with a music of yours favourite band, playing in the background, you might have trouble. In 2015, YouTube added controversial technology called Content ID which automatically scans videos for copyright content. So, when you want to add your video, just a moment after the video is uploaded, you get an information about the copyrights.

However, the Content ID is working also when you are doing live transmission. So don’t be surprised when in the middle of watching you will see a placeholder image because it will disappear when Content ID will
no longer detects for example music.

YouTube LogoThose kind of restrictions are unnecessary and might scare some of the new YouTubers. YouTube should stay an open space.



  1. The Content ID is a restriction of peoples use of YouTube I agree. It would put people off uploading content to the site so they don’t have to go through the hassle of the copyright stuff. Having a social media site in which people are afraid to upload content is not doing it’s job right. YouTube can be a space for amazing creativity, if it is left as an open space as you suggest.


  2. I agree, and I in fact had an experience recently that was quite similar to what you described. I was about to upload a video for one of our uni- projects that included a few pictures I had downloaded from Google Search and background music which I obviously did not have the copyrights for. The information about the copyrights came up and, in the end, I was afraid I might get in trouble for it – which is why I then decided to just not upload it at all… With that, yes I also think YouTube should keep it simple for its users and stay an open space instead of being too stingy with its restriction laws.


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