YouTube and Copyright restrictions

For many young film makers or creatives of other fields, YouTube is the best place to share their content in order to gather a following and a reputation. There’s a problem which can restrict their (our) freedom to post the content they want to, though: Copyright law. Lots of videos are taken down from YouTube because of copyright-protected music being used in them, even when the song and artist are credited by the person who uploaded the video.

In my opinion, this is a big fault of Copyright and how YouTube implement it. It creates unfair and unnecessary problems for people trying to share their content. It’s not even like most amateur YouTubers are making money from these videos. And the ones that are using Copyright-protected for commercial purposes should rightly have to get permission, but the fact that non-commercial content gets removed for Copyright purposes is a big fault in Copyright law and the way it’s implemented on YouTube.



  1. Let me play devils advocate for a second – If you were an up and coming musician, who was struggling to make ends meet and you put out a song which you slaved day and night in the studio to record, would you not be annoyed in some way shape or form that “Jessica’s” YouTube channel was receiving in excess of 100,000 views per day because of a broadcasted preview she posted across many social media platforms using your music in the beginning of her videos to entice her audience?


  2. As a Television student I understand this copyright law can be frustrating. However, when using music in professional filming the content producer pay the artist to gain the rights to use it, so why should it be different for YouTubers? Youtube is becoming this huge market where people are making excess profit from their homemade videos

    I understand not everyone has large followers but I think those who do should pay to use music and those who don’t should only get to use music made by local artist which they have contacted. This way the music industry can not be exploited and film maker learn how the industry works.


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