Spotify: leaves two options for you

Spotify was launched in 2008 and by 2015 it had already more than 75 million users, including around 20 million who were paid users. Spotify is available for free and therefore does not have strict payment restrictions. You can listen to all your favourite artists and various playlists. But, once users are using the free tier, Spotify tries to drive users to their premium subscription, which is 9.99 pounds per month. With Spotify Premium you can then play music on demand, you can listen offline, you don’t have any ads and, apparently, it is higher quality audio as well. With this, Spotify is trying to get users to pay for music – and therefore trying to work against the general music consumption nowadays, which nearly doesn’t generate any money for artists anymore.



I found this quote on the Spotify_artists website:

Spotify was founded for two reasons: to bring all the music in the world to all the world’s music fans in a fun, easy and affordable way – and to create real value for the music industry again, including labels, publishers and the terrific songwriters and artists who create and perform the music we love. […]


Everyone of us most probably found his favourite side from where to download music illegally or streams the music from YouTube. Which definitely is unfair for the musicians who don’t get paid for their work adequately anymore. Spotify is great as it does have the two options to either listen to it for free (but accept the ads between the songs with which Spotify is making money) or pay for the artists and get the better quality – which is absolutely fair. And I really think if Spotify would not have the free option anymore, and was put under strict copyright control, Spotify would soon not be used anymore. The 20 million users who did pay for it in 2015 are evidence that there are indeed still people willing to pay for their money’s worth. And I think Spotify’s concept is a good idea and should maybe be used by more apps and online platforms.

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