Should Netflix be Free?

Netflix is an online streaming website which provides TV shows and movies which you can watch exclusively with a subscription. Over the last few years, as the world has gone online Netflix has transformed into a powerhouse of online entertainment.


Netflix continues to grow as it funds the production of unique television and film productions, such as: Orange Is the New Black. However, if there was no subscription policy on Netflix and everything was free to be viewed, then it would mean that there would be less online piracy, as lots of popular shows would be available for everyone to watch. On the other hand, television companies would lose money due to the audience not paying for a television license as they would no longer need to watch the show live, whilst putting up with endless adverts.

If copyright control on Netflix became more flexible then films and television shows would be more available online, meaning that subscribers would no longer have access to exclusive content.

Overall I think that online streaming such as Netflix will continue to promote new content as long as it receives enough money to expand in the process, whether this is in the form of subscriptions or even if it has to rely on adverts as well.



  1. As a consumer, I couldn’t agree more that Netflix should be free, however if we look at it from a business perspective, adverts could only bring in a limited amount of funding. Nowhere near enough to fund shows such as “Orange is the new black.” However, many consumers share passwords anyway, defeating the entire purpose of subscribing.


  2. I don’t think Netflix should be free, for the reason that similar businesses would most likely end up out of business. Obviously as consumers, we would prefer for it to be free so we can watch shows and films without paying for it. However to think realistically and from a business point of view, Netflix would not be making a profit if it was free, unless they put adverts on the content, but that would be frustrating for consumers. If Netflix did have adverts as their source of profit, then we probably wouldn’t have shows like Orange is the New Black.


  3. I agree with Bernicegc and feel Netflix should not be free. As a consumer and a television fanatic I feel the price is reasonable for what you get. With classic films such as white chick and original content like orange is the new black Netflix offering it’s costumers exclusive content as well as a chance to reminisce. If the content was free it would limit the chance for the companies who make the content to make money after the shows official release. Making it harder for the TV and film industry to produce new shows.


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