Netflix is a prime example of content that has restricted access online, unless you pay or that is under strict copyright restrictions – If you don’t know what the picture is all about, I can’t help you! *Sigh*

Netflix & ChillThe purpose of a Creative Commons license is to freely distribute, but yet give recognition to the author(s). However, if Netflix were to share with fewer restrictions this would offer many opportunities for people to take advantage of this freedom and potentially pass Netflix off as their own by creating something similar, in turn making money from someone else’s ideas.

Let’s take the food chain KKFC BucketFC, for example. We’ve all tasted the chicken, the recipe still stands, 86 years later and no other company can contest with their quality. Or can they? There are many PFC’s, Favourites’ and Sam’s and more up and down the country (England, UK). These chains have simply copied the framework of what KFC offers and simply passes it off as their own.
Wikipedia is currently under a Creative CoWikipediammons license, if they were under strict copyright control, they would be completely inoperable. They function solely from user input with over 70,000 active contributors working on more than 38,000,000 articles in 290 languages.



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