My Copyright Experience.

Copyright is all around us and we interact with it every day, especially as students aspiring to go into the entertainment industry. We may find Copyright laws too strict now but surely if we succeed in our aspirations its these laws that would protect our own work from theft in the future.

“The UK has one of the strongest creative sectors in the world. According to government statistics published in January 2014 the creative industry generates an average of £8million every hour.  Every time you watch an online clip, listen to music, read your favourite blog, or enjoy something creative, you are interacting with copyright in some way.” – BBC

For a student studying Television Production and an aspiring editor the CopyRight laws has become a huge obstacle for me. I do a lot of editing in my own time and have made quite a few short films montaged to music. The music I use in these video I buy through YouTube and therefore am not breaking any Copyright laws. My problems begin however, when I attempt to share my work on YouTube. Because of Copyright laws when I share my videos on YouTube it doesn’t allow them to be viewed on specific media platforms, resulting on my work only being viewed on a laptop or computer and not on phones, or tablets. The videos were also taken down temporarily because for investigation into copyright. My first reaction was frustration because I paid for the music and listed the artist and a link in the bio. I also didn’t post the video for a profit intention but instead to share my work.

However after consideration I realised that if my videos were to get a lot of views I could put advertising on them and start to earn a profit. If I was to succeed in the future in television and someone was to take my footage and use it and make a profit I would be outraged. Although now we may wish the Copyright laws would be less strict, without them no one has any protection against theft and I wouldn’t want to be in the entertainment industry if my work wasn’t protected. This just proves how important these laws are and I wouldn’t wish them any less strict.

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  1. Iv’e experienced something similar when uploaded a home-made short film to the site. It is immensely frustrating. However, I really like your point about if we were in the industry we would want our stuff protected therefore the laws can be seen and fair and we should keep them. Whether that be on YouTube or not, the copyright laws protect the creative content, and I see that as OK.

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