“If you think about copyright as a series of restrictions, fair use is a set of exceptions.  It protects your right to use copyrighted material in certain ways” -Anthony Falzone

Our degrees in the Media, Arts and Design faculty require a lot of creative content and experimentation with material perhaps not produced by us. This results in copyright law being an obstacle, especially on sharing platforms as popular as YouTube. Relative footage taken by others and music produced by artists leads us to question whether we can contribute it to our own productions and adapt it on our own accord, helping us along with our creative intentions. This is applicable to a wide range of fields, journalism, television, radio, photography etc. and therefore I found it useful to understand what is meant by the term, ‘fair use’.

Copyright owners do not have unlimited control over their content. The fair use doctrine allows you to use material in certain ways without permission, with consideration of how much you transform the content, the nature of the copyrighted content, how much of the original content you use and whether your work serves as a substitute for the original material. (E.g. If your video takes away views or sales from the original then it goes against fair use, understandably)

With YouTube productions involving background music, scenes/clips and parodies, fair use can be seen in all of this with consideration, using an entire clip of video or audio can involve your video being taken down due to copyright claims, as you are repeating an artists work without consent – in which I agree with myself, why would I work hard to write something for somebody else to copy and paste as their own. The fair use doctrine allows us to explore our creativity, and therefore I think the current regulations on copyright are acceptable.

I don’t expect your attention span to engage in 35 minutes of legal-talk, however the description box on the link asks very interesting questions in which you can click and skip to particular sections – so check it out.

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