Tighter restrictions may not always be the best solution

Netflix is an example of content that can only be accessed through subscription; the first month is for free but after that you need to pay monthly instalments. Many can get around this monthly payment scheme as one person can share their account details to their friends; this means everyone is using one account to access the content online. If Netflix decided to put tighter restrictions on this; for example, limiting the amount of places you can access your Netflix account, it would affect them more negatively than positive as it would deter people from using Netflix.

The other thing to consider about not having any restrictions at all is that the movie actors are not paid for their work; which is not exactly fair because people should be credited for what they have done. The advantage of having tighter restrictions is that most of the content is well protected but the limitations of this is that the tight restrictions itself will not attract many people. In my opinion businesses tend to tighten their restrictions once they have generated a particular audience; by implementing tighter restrictions in the beginning you are less likely to attract more people towards your product.


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