Sharing is Caring

As we all know Amazon Prime  allow its subscribers to stream programmes, books and   and music for a yearly cost of £79. This great website give users access to content which would otherwise be brought individually. They also offer a range of show produce exclusively by the company such as Transparent and Hand of God.

Although it’s attempts to monitor content Amazon has little in place to rescript how individuals used their account. In which most share their details with their families and friends making the site accessible to more people for free. However, this concept of sharing accounts has improved revenues and helped the site to thrive, indicating how restricted content does not necessarily mean companies lose out on money.


Who’s looking out for the creative?

To gain viewers Amazon need content and get this through the Licensing agreement. The licensing agreement is a contract between the content owner and streaming sites, giving them full access to the content for a set amount of years. The amount of money given to the content producers depends on the popularity of the show, how long they want to have the content and if they want exclusive use of it. This is great news for the content makers as they could potentially make a high profit on their shows, especially since the sales of dvd’s are becoming non existent.  But who do you think is really benefiting streaming sites?


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