The Art of Networking

This module has made me think deeply about my online visibility and how private my life actually is online. Until now, I’ve always just signed up to anything, happy to give organisations all my information ranging from my address to household income. I’m fully aware that the majority of this information is for market research purposes, giving businesses the opportunity to break down their consumers into market segments – but do they really need to know every last detail of my life? Is there a way to prevent this?In terms of visibility, I’m fairly careful in what I share to the public. My Twitter is public, purely so I can gain the maximum enjoyment out of the social network. As well as this, I also believe that having a public Twitter also enhances your career opportunities. Twitter allows you to network with people within your chosen industry and having a private profile would reduce this. My LinkedIn profile contains information about precious work placements, education and all my successes to date. Once again, I feel like I need to share this information to fully engage with the modern world. 
Prior to posting this information, it’s under my control. If I don’t want to post something, I won’t. However, once it’s posted and shared online, I lose complete control. It’s not something I’ve ever thought about in too much detail, but it does show that to enhance your life chances, you need to take the risk of sharing information online.

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