Tracking is a breach of Privacy.

I am guilty of using the majority of popular social media platforms, I’m part of Intsagram, Twitter, Facebook, Yik Yak and SnapChat, all of which provide no privacy whatsoever, but unfortunately I am in the generation where you have to swap your privacy to be social. On the majority of these platforms anyone who searches me can easily find my full name, email address, birthday and profile photo. These social networks have been designed for someone who wouldn’t otherwise know these things to stalk you. It’s not just other users that want to find out this information about you, its also business that can use it to sell you products. Every site you go onto and every like you give on social media is tracked and kept in order for companies to form a list about what product would be best to advertise to you.

I noticed how much I am actually tacked on Youtube, I use YouTube mainly for music videos, makeup tutorials and movie trailers. This is apparent because when I am watching a video all the videos I have watched in the past or recommended new videos based on my previous searches are all listed at the side. Sometimes I find this useful however, the majority of the time if I am watching a video with a friend I feel embarrassed my history is listed for them to see on the screen. Not only videos but also adverts from sites I’ve recently visited or products I’ve looked up, also appear in the corner of the screen when I’m watching a video, making me aware that every time I online shop or browse I am being tracked which is a complete breach of privacy.



  1. You made an interesting point about swapping privacy for being social; I think this is absolutely true, yet unfortunate. It is like in order to keep up with current events, news, and to socialize, we must be a part of at least the most common social media platforms. And now, it’s not enough to simply have a Facebook account, now in addition you need an Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. in order to stay ‘up to date.’

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  2. I am also guilty of being apart of a number of social media platforms, likes the ones you have listed. I feel that if you are not on social networking sites then your not cool, or your not sociable and therefore not always part of these social networking sites through choice but through peer pressure. I have also experienced Youtube recommending me videos which are suited to me through my past searches, however I do also find this extremely helpful and beneficial to myself. I do agree with how sometimes it can be embarrassing when all your ‘recently watched’ videos show up on your homepage in front of your friends.

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