The private life that I no longer have

I am quite visible online mainly through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At the moment I mainly use Facebook from which I upload pictures or even share content that I think is important or makes me laugh with my friends and family members. I would like to think that this information is in my control, considering that it is my Facebook account but I know security wise it’s not possible for me to manage my account and protect it from hacking using the information that I have or photos that I have for something.

Then again, what is the point of having these social media accounts if you want to make everything private; we should see it as something that we can express ourselves and by creating privacy on these types of networks you are limiting ways in which you can express yourself. This type of information is more under our control in that sense, but if you were to look at things like information that you have to provide the council or the government; then what is done with that information is completely out of your control because there is an element of fear in terms of not knowing what they are doing with your information.


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