Take This Lollipop

There is a web site called Take This Lollipop created by Jason Zada in 2011. It shows how much other people can learn about you from your profile on Facebook.

The web site requests to connect with an individual’s Facebook account and then incorporates all the information that was shared to the public in a short horror film. It features a creepy looking man sitting in an abandoned building and ‘stalking’ that individual: he sees the profile, pictures, location.

There are also videos of people  watching TakeThisLollipop.com. For example, watch this video, it has 58311 views at the moment.

The web site makes you think about what people share on the Internet and the dangers of sharing too much personal information. Mr. Zada said ‘The piece is scary because a person is violating your privacy, not because it’s bloody or there’s anything jumping out’.

The name seems to refer to what parents tell their children when warning them not to talk to strangers and ‘not take a candy’.However, it is not only the ‘creeps’ who are of concern here, but also the amount of information social networks, other web sites and internet providers gather and, importantly, for what purposes it is used and if it is further shared.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, are not called ‘social’ for nothing. They work well because users share their photographs, list of friends, events attended and other personal information so the social networks can mimic the social interaction in real life.However, by exposing ourselves online, do we give up our privacy, encourage The Big Brother to watch us and jeopardise our freedom of speech and democracy?


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