Public or private information?

Most of us are using social platforms to communicate with others. However, we rarely checked the privacy terms that are everywhere. When we signed up to any kind of social platform we give necessary information about us. But is my date of birth or address really a necessary thing?

In today’s world, our personal information is kind of currency which we have to pay for an access to platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Without that information, we will not be able to use those websites. The main issue is, what they are doing with our personal details, and why they actually need all of that information.

The platform when we can find the most information about somebody is for sure Facebook. We are able to find all personal data like address, email accounts, another social media platforms knowing only the name.

Moreover, it is not only the problem of social media platforms. The problem appears now everywhere online. To get an access you have to register which equals giving your personal information.

This semester made me realized how many times I didn’t check Terms and Conditions of the websites that I was using. My personal data is circle somewhere and I don’t even remember where I registered, so I cannot delete my accounts. I have no control.


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