Online visibility

In my opinion, there is no easier way to spy on people than by stalking their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat accounts. When we make ourselves visible online, we open the windows to see us for everyone, even for those who we do not want to share the information with.

This is why I keep an eye on all of my social network accounts. In my view, if I post anything public on Facebook it is equal to put it on the poster on the street or shout out loud to the world. This is why I am extremely over-thinking everything I want to share on Facebook. I do not consider social networks as social networks anymore. I consider it as a part of my personal reputation and I realise that if I do not pay attention to what I am posting, I can regret that later.

However, when I Google my name, I can find information about myself I have never given a permission to share, for example a post code where I live, or the information about radio shows, music contests I participated. In my opinion, it is very dangerous not to control information about yourself and in this digital age sometimes it becomes impossible to see everything that has been shared about you. Because of this, we should encourage ourselves not to trust social networks and the Internet that much.



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  1. I agree with the bit about everything you post being like putting up a poster of yourself in public. Lots of people our age just post without thinking of how it looks from others who may not understand the context. I as well am very careful of what personal information I share, because you never know who is seeing or keeping track of it. For example, Instagram’s new terms that everyone agrees to recently added that they have the right to sell anyone’s posts that they want, for commercial use, research etc. without the user’s permission. This is unnerving to think about, and yet another reason to be very careful of what we put up.


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