Online Visibility Means Online Responsibility

I am on quite a few platforms of social media. I mainly use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat. On all my social media accounts, I am ‘private’, so that only people I friend or allow to follow me can see my posts. However, quite a bit of my information can still be found, even though my accounts are private. My birthday, email, and profile picture is constantly given out by companies, especially when I sign in on public Wifi. Facebook tracks the articles and links I look at in order to place advertisements in my feed. Also, employers can pretty much access whatever information they like from your social media, so just by having an existing account, you allow yourself to be accessible.

I choose to have private accounts because I find it discomforting to have people I do not know looking at or commenting on my posts.  Even though my accounts are private, I still am careful about my posts. I know people who have had their social media accounts pulled up in job interviews and asked to explain a couple of her questionable posts. I understand that the image I portray online is often a first impression, and I want my first impressions to be positive. I think people our age often do not understand this, and post whatever they like.


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