Online Visibility

Nowadays, due to the development of Internet and technology, most of us are using social networking website. Personally, I signed up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platform.

In my opinion, my online visibility is not much private as I wish. Because my personal data can be easily searched by using some simple technique in the search engine. To be honest, I tried to search myself on Google, and I found some photos and videos what I even have not seen before. Furthermore, because there is too much confusing information, I do not know the source of that information, who is the original publisher, and how can I change this situation by myself. Thus, Social media sites may create the safety problem about personal data by using the information user published; it seems to build up a powerful criminal offense database, some people can find the target of crime successfully. It does not need any complex computer technology; everyone has access to everything, continuous period to track certain user’s information on the social media. You may know his or her address, university, email address, family member, favorite things, financial situation and so on. On the other hand, some shopping website can be considered as the problem. I am not sure whether my personal data and payment information (Bank bard number, Pin number or online account) is completely under my control or not.

And once anything can be published or copied is brought into contact with The Internet, it will be copied on thousands of times, and those copies never leave.

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