Online Privacy

Presently, we probably all have more information online than we would like. That information might be bank details saved to a particular online store account, photographs of nights out, your date of birth, or address. This is an unfortunate consequence of current state of the digital world. However, it’s kind of inevitable. We will probably never have all the luxuries of the loosely regulated internet without the risks of having information taken from us. Many people are worried about governments having access to all their information, like their addresses, D.O.Bs etc. But there is a valid argument in the expression “if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear”.

Do we really think governments spend all day going through our personal details as if they haven’t got illegal wars to fight? The only reason to worry that the government would come after you would be if you’d committed a serious crime, in which case you’re kind of asking to be investigated.

And if you’re worried about potential employers seeing something bad that you might have posted on Facebook, I’d recommend not posting it on Facebook.




  1. I think this idea of ignoring the invasion of privacy could be considered naive as we may have nothing to hide but still maintain the rights to use these sites without our personal information being collected. I understand it is collected to ensure we are safe but the content is not only used by the police. We forget companies use our online data to ensure they can advertise to our persecific consumer patterns.

    Also if we are being monitored to protect us why has cyber bullying become such a huge problem in modern society. If these companies have so much data on us then they should be able to control unpleasant content or at least be able to taggert abuse report more efficiently. Which makes me wonder if the content is really collected for our safety.


  2. Having someones information online doesn’t offer companies an opportunity to deter cyber bullying I don’t think. I for one have an online alias, so if you were to type in my ‘government name’ (no need to call immigration’) the information on me and my family would be extremely limited.

    Many people I know do the same – create profiles, taking on different personalities (I don’t do this though, I promise) for the purposes of escapism and other reasons. Due to things like this, the main culprits would be hard to find, I guess.

    Its just a case of being more cautious of what we choose to upload. Many of us do it without even thinking (GUILTY!)

    SCENARIO: You have endless amounts of university coursework to do: “I’m board,” picks up Snapchat and takes endless amounts of selfies with different filters. – Tell me you haven’t done this!!!


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