I know for a fact, that if I was to enter your full real name onto the website, I could instantly tell you where it is you live or have lived, your mother and fathers names including their ages, whether you have any siblings, if you do their names and ages, as well as a timeline of your addresses.

Google HomepageThe ability to locate personal information today is so easy that its second nature to us. We don’t think about it! This is one of the reasons I decided to use an alias when signing up to social networks or any other information required websites. However, when typing my alias into the search engine google, my information and pictures from many many years ago (ok, its not that many!) where smack dead centre of the screen. I am extremely visible! There is information on me from what it is I like to do every evening, to what I like to watch, to what Church I used to attend… SCARY!

With certain accounts, such as Facebook, I’ve opted to switch on security, meaning only those I am closest to get the ‘privilege’ of viewing my information. The reason I did this was because I didn’t want to be seen as unprofessional. In the media industry many social media accounts are seen as public CV’s and therefore, enforces you to ‘behave’ and will potentially prevent me from not getting offered employment.

I doubt any of the information that I stored remains under my control. For example, once you upload a personal picture to Instagram it’s no longer yours, it becomes Instagram’s.


  1. is a website which I found when I googled my own name. It had my mums information (even her age range) on it for anyone to see and when I was discussing this with her she had no idea any of this information about her and even her past house addresses were available online. However she did mention about the information being available online includes people being on the electoral register – yet another government related thing. This does question how much we can trust the government, if they are allowing personal information to be available online to anyone with access to the internet.


  2. I’m lucky enough that I share a name with a successful model so when I have tried to search my name the results are flooded about her, however I’m sure if you looked long and hard enough you would find my information. I have searched my user names on twitter and instagram before however and have seen my photos appear on google images.
    With age I have learnt about regulation and within the past 2 years I wouldn’t have too much problem with an employer being about to access my social media accounts. However when I was younger I was naive to the concept that once you post online it is there forever and there is so much content I found funny to share at the time because it made me look ‘cool’ that would be so embarrassing for an employee to see. It just shows that we have no privacy online and the things we post are there forever.


  3. I never knew about the website, but I’m not surprised it exists. Surprisingly though, my name does not appear. However, that doesn’t mean it is hard to find information about me online. Even though I don’t use my real name on social media, and my Facebook profile is “private”, it is becoming increasingly easy to be trased online. But at the same time it is increasingly difficult to stay away from the cyberspace and avoid using social media. Only choice we have left is what to post, and my advise is to be careful.


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