My Online Life

I use many social media websites, some of which I probably don’t remember I’ve signed up to. I spent around 2 minutes Googling my full name and the results were quite surprising. As my name is very unique (so unique I found that no one else on Facebook has the same full name as me) there were not many search results. However all the search results were in one way or another related to me personally.

From just typing my name on Google, the first few results include my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and audioBoom profiles. This means people can instantly view my pictures, videos, education, contact and personal information. Even some of my friends names appear in the search results but what I found the most strange is that my family’s names and details (including addresses, their names, who I live with) appeared on a website I had never heard of. The information was a little out of date but I had no idea that information was available to look at by the public.

I believe you do not necessarily choose who you share your information with, because even if the public don’t have access to it, the government do and hackers can access almost anything.

These examples show that we do not have complete control over information about us online and that it is so easy to find out everything about someone in the space of 2 minutes.

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  1. It is scary that you can find information about you on a website which you have never seen before. I am lucky that my full name is very popular and there are maybe 40 people with the same name and surname so it is quite hard to find information about me. However, it is not impossible. Government and the private person can easily check us.


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