Do we exploit our privacy ?

As a 21st century girl it is almost impossible to not be tempted by social media. It allows us to create an image of ourself through the art of selection, and explore what is happening in other peoples lives without even speaking to them.  We feel pressured to maintain an on line image which can result in exclusion if a person does not keep up with current networks and the loss of privacy through our obsession to constantly document our lives on these sites.

I personally feel I  maintain a private social media profile through ensuring all available privacy setting are on, posting irregularly and strictly choosing who I want to accept friendship request from. However, when I look at the amount of people that follow me to the amount I regularly interact with on and off these sites, it’s clear hundreds of people I barley know experience certain aspect of my life. Events which would be private if their was no internet or I simply didn’t post. Even with my privacy settings on no content is truly private with companies having unlimited access to all conversations and activities.

But is this a breach of privacy if we are selecting what we want to share? If we all only represent certain aspect of our life’s which we feel present our personality can we truly feel their is a violation of privacy since we have chosen to let people in.



  1. Lack of privacy is the price of fame. I’ve come across this statement many times and in many ways I do believe its true. The more you choose to put your life out in the open, the more it becomes public interest and the more the public take interest in your life, the more you become a ‘public servant’ and are expected to share your most intimate moments.

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  2. This “art of selection” is very well said. We select the information we provide, but to what extent? First, almost every app on your phone has access to certain information in it. Information we don’t deliberately provide, but agree to give access to. Then, I suppose you have a facebook profile. If so, then probably at least once some of your friends posted a photo of you. Whether you like it, doesn’t matter. Social media is so ubiquitous that even if we can control the information we provide (and I highly doubt that’s the case) we don’t choose what others share about us.

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  3. The standout phrase of your post, as mentioned above by Valeriya, was the idea of the “art of selection”. Whether we consciously do it or not, we’re specifically picking out content to post on social media that paint ourselves in a positive light. We seem to be obsessed with the idea of retweets and likes, these act as encourage to post online and make ourselves more visible.


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