I am networked with almost every trending social media platform, Facebook, Twitter (several accounts), Instagram, and Snapchat. I have been associated with gaming networks as a teenager and overall find my usage of these digital platforms as I’ve grown up have been considerably high. In terms of visibility, I have opted in for privacy on my Facebook and Twitter, these are very personal social media platforms which I share a lot of content and therefore control who I wish to ‘check up’ on me – likewise Snapchat. It’s great for family and friends who are located all over the world; my auntie in Arizona can keep in the know with important events in my life without me having to have hour long, weekly phone calls.

In terms of Instagram, I view this as a more artistic platform and therefore I am open to people I have never met before viewing this side to me. It does not represent an open book to my life therefore I do not have to control the people who look at my profile. Though it does indulge in where I go and some of what I do, it is not as complex as Facebook.

However this is just the surface, over the last few lectures I have come to open my mind up more to ‘privacy’. Are the privacy settings really allowing you to control how much privacy you have? Facebook is very snide at allowing things to go under the radar, choosing your privacy setting for you until you manage to figure out how to change it yourself. ‘Friend of a friend’ setting shares your content across a very wide range of people, a friends aunties cousin can like a status from three years ago, (it happens.)

Awareness of this has created a more professional side to me in terms of what I share online, with very little on my ‘about me’ page. My WordPress blog showcases my work, not my personal life. It’s been a good point to note how much we choose to share online, and no matter how much we dislike the content, once it is on the internet, it is there to stay.

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  1. I have also signed up to a lot of social media and gaming sites in my time on the internet without really thinking about it. However, the ease of access these places have to my personal detail is scary and makes me think why I didn’t think about it back then. As you rightly said, once it’s on the internet it’s there to stay. When that statement is regarding my private information, it isn’t the best feeling.


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