How much of our personal information is private?

I am a member of many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. However my visibility online is private due to these social networks being a platform for me to contact my friends and family, especially with having my brother and sister living on the other side of the world in Australia.As they are then able to keep in contact with through photos and videos, rather then an expensive phone call.Therefore I don’t need these social networks to be un-privatised as the information I share is not relevant to anyone else but the people I know.

Although my Instagram is private, I do believe that it is okay to follow people who you many not necessary know, for instance I like to follow a lot of fashion bloggers where I am able to take inspiration from their outfits. Also fitness accounts are also a good one to follow, you may not know the person posting but they allow me to get motivated by wanting to eat healthy and keep fit.

When it comes to online shopping websites such as Topshop, I do believe that a lot of our information is not under our control, for instance the amount of times I have been browsing an online shop like Topshop looking at a particular item, then I log in to Facebook and it appears on the side of my homepage. Its good advertisement on Topshop’s behalf, however I do question myself what other information have they got on hold of me?


  1. The online shopping point is a valid one. It happens to me after I online shop and adverts start appearing everywhere I go on the internet and I receive text updates about latest offers from that store. It makes you think about how easily these places can get hold of your details that have been put online.


  2. I think all point made are valid especially the comments about online shopping. I have browse the internet many times only to find adverts for the same things I had just researched on the side of my Facebook page. This worries me as it indicates how our data is not only collected for our protection but to encourage consumerism.


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