Tumblr is a blogging platform similar to WordPress, but it has many differences to WordPress. Tumblr is primarily used for fandom blogging, aesthetic blogging and humor blogging as opposed to academic blogging.
Communities on Tumblr are formed by similar interests, just like most communities you will find. Your blog will have a theme to it, whether that be nature photography or supernatural the TV show or.. even my little pony. Other users will follow you blog based on the if they like content you post, if they do they may post some of your content on their page meaning other people will see your work and come and follow you. You eventually create a long list of people that follow you because they like your content and people you follow because you like theirs. The difference between a community on facebook and on Tumblr is that Tumblr is anonymous until you choose to tell people who you are. You can tage blogs you follow in posts and there is also a messaging system so you can start a whole community on this website where you don’t even know who people truly are. Now a lot of the time it’s nothing bad. People just lie about little things to make themselves feel better. But what if you find yourself with in a community where you are the only person that has been honest about their true self. You have shared personal information with people you may have thought were your friends who were infact predators.


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