Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is an example of an online travelling community. Members share their experiences of places they have been to all around the world and can rate from 1 to 5.

I am a regular member of this community for giving reviews (good and bad) as when I plan to go somewhere I tend to read other peoples reviews to get an idea of what to expect or to find the best place to go in an area.

This is a good example of an online community because the travellers (people in the online community) do benefit from the public reviews of a specific place as it is their own experience and are not part of the company (so the reviews aren’t bias).

A problem with this online community is that reviews are from a personal experience, so may only be a one-off situation that a reviewer may be writing about which may not be a true reflection of a place. It may also be difficult with what reviews to believe as someone could just pretend to have been to place (which would be quite strange).

However, as someone who works within a company that uses Trip Advisor to gain feedback from customers, I believe it is really useful from that point of view to look for ways to improve (as we all know we can’t please everyone) and gain praise for positive reviews.

Specific reasons why people benefit from the Trip Advisor community is because it can help them pick where they want to go to within an area. The community’s reviews can also be very influential to other travellers.



  1. I think this is a great example of an online community. Like you say, some of the views can be quite subjective if someone has had a bad visit but so many users post their experiences, it’s quite easy to cross reference the reviews to find what you’re looking for.


  2. Trip advisor is my go to site when I’m looking for reviews on holiday! This is a great example of online community, as not only allow you to share your review but also allows you to check travelers photos, which can sometimes appear very different to the companies ‘professional’ photos. However I do find that the bad reviews can sometimes stand out amongst the postativr reviews. But overall I love looking at people’s comments and reviews to see if that holiday is right for me.


  3. I think the main problem with this kind of web-sites, as you mention, is figuring out what reviews are true. Companies might post positive reviews about themselves, as well as their competitors might post false negative ‘feedback’. I suppose there has to be some system in place to prevent that, but you can’t be 100% sure, so I would not trust one web-site on this completely.
    Also, I found it interesting that you mention a business’ perspective on using the web-site.The majority of the reviews on Trip Advisor probably are true and the companies can benefit from it as much as the consumers. This way, Trip Advisor works similarly as My Starbucks Idea that I mention in my post from this week. The company can evaluate its weaknesses and strengths from the point of view of customers and see how people really perceive it. For example, the brand can alternate the advertising and communication strategy to highlight some aspects that users like the most and show that they work on improving the weaknesses.


  4. Yes I agree, the concept of the website itself is really good and helpful , therefore it is a very good example for a positive online community. I myself have used trip advisor so many times and I think that overall you still get a good impression, even though some comments might be subjective and some might not be from real visitors but the companies themselves. Overall, it is used by so many people by now, that I think you can still gather an adequate idea of the places. But there should be some more regulations maybe, in terms of who is allowed to use it and not.


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