Online Communities: Webkinz

One online community that used to be really popular among kids was Webkinz. Webkinz is an online community, similar to Club Penguin. The way you join is by buying a plush Webkinz stuffed animal that has a code on the tag. You need to have at least one stuffed animal with a valid code to start an account. There is no maximum number of pets you can have on the account. Only some toy stores carry them.

Once online, you have a house that you move the pet around in, and you can buy food, clothes and accessories. You can also visit other people’s virtual houses, and converse with them in a chat box. No bad language is allowed.

Kids benefit because it is something fun they can do with friends online, and it is completely innocent. There is no violence like there is in video games. Implications are that it can be addicting, and distracts youngsters from homework, etc. if their parents to not monitor them. It encourages kids to spend time on the computer, which is negative, but a positive is that the game is completely innocent. Eventually, kids also outgrow the game.

Here is the link:


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