Facebook Music communities

Everybody has their own favourite kind of music, and I am pretty sure that you are all a member of your favourite musician fan club and I am not talking about a website but about groups. Those groups are kind of communities just for the fans and you can find them on Twitter but mostly on Facebook where you have public and private groups.

What those groups are doing is not only reporting where the musicians are or what are they doing but most of all supporting each others work (inspired by music or artist) and preparing for concerts. You probably hear about fan clubs actions on gigs or festivals. The main idea appears in those groups. Then the community engages in making the action visible and spread it. However, it is challenging to make whole community engage. Sometimes the community is not solid, does not have many members.


Florence+The Machine in Lodz,  12.12.2015

Music is an important part of our lives and thanks to online communities we can share our thoughts or just read the thoughts of the others. And it is not only about being a fan of somebody, is about the feeling that you are in a community which accepts you because you enjoy the same.


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  1. Usually those communities are united by the love of the same music, to share videos and information about them. Others are united with the goal of bringing a singer or a band to their country. For example, the group “Bring Eminem to Bulgaria” is about increasing the visibility of the fan base keen to attend a concert in Bulgaria. However, the grup itself posts all kinds of irrelevant content. The focus is shifted from Eminem to cats and funny videos. From my observations, I believe that this group won’t achieve success in bringing Eminem to Bulgaria, because they don’t focus their collective effort into making a significant change.


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