Facebook Communities

With the development of social networking media,  Facebook plays the more important role in our social life. It is a very successful example of online community. Different people can interconnect each other by searching their own university, experience, the book they have read, their favourite music style and so on. For example, we have several closed groups for Westminster, Television Production students or the students who joined in the same academic project. Participate in these kind of online communities can benefit from   People can publish their own opinion, share the pictures and files, have the discussion in these groups to help spread the word. Without the Facebook communities, it is difficult to access the newest events for timely update of the development. Also, online communities helps the organizers to organize the members easier.

屏幕快照 2016-03-02 下午12.22.52.png

The online communities is not the culture, it should be a common property of everyone. Because culture is the existence of diversity, differences, and the essence of communities is “I want to be with you”. This is a natural human tendency and social attributes.  We need cooperation, sharing, compliance with contract, meet the obligations in the social life. So it is necessary to make the transition from self-realization to social property. In fact, the community is a functional object. If it is a good design, then it is going to be a tool that everyone can use, regardless of the mass or niche.

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