A Virtrual World

Online gaming is a popular past time as it allows it’s users to build an ideal self as well as helps individuals to gain confidences. In games such a World of War Craft (wow) user can creates a charactersr based on their personality, perform missions with other people and chat to other online gamers. Within the game characters are constantly levelling up through battles and collecting rewards, this offers a sense of achievement to the players which encourages them to keep playing. Describe as a ‘role-playing’ game WOW allows you to form online communities as tasks are built around basic human interaction such as teamwork, competition and communication.

However, there are many implications associated with online gaming as it is used as a method of diversion from social pressures in the real world. The ability to create a whole new identity along with little thought process needed to play the game is appealing to users as they are able to form an ideal self and world. Many of the conversation are live which make individual feel they have personal connections with those who play with them and removes their need for human interaction. This can make the user addicted to the game and has caused a rise in people being diagnosed with internet gaming disorder. If escapism is the fundamental reason for compulsive gaming should we be questioning our society? or is gaming used as a substitution for old escapism methods ?



  1. It’s debatable whether these multiplayer online role-playing games are a positive example for online communities, they offer a sense of escapism, in that similar to drink and drugs, which can escalate addiction. Virtual reality gaming doesn’t necessarily affect your physical health but can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness when you disconnect yourself from this ‘world’. There is the argument that it is a positive online community in the fact they have shared interests, and get gratification from participating.


  2. I think we can’t blame online games for the addiction itself. We fist have to look at a person and their history before we see why they have used VR as there escape. However, I do completely agree the games can worsen the addiction. I think we do have to question the reasons behind the obsessive gaming but, virtual reality is only becoming more advanced and immersive. you have to think this eventually could become a new platform of social media or communication..


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